Best Air Freshener for Cats

Best Air Freshener for Cats

Last updated Sep 09, 2021

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The best air freshener for cats will get rid of the cat odor and leave behind a pleasant scent. Most people don’t realize how strong an animal smell they have in their homes until they can no longer stand it and try to find something to cover it up. This leaves them with two options: spend hours cleaning or purchase an expensive air freshener. Cleaning takes time while purchasing an expensive air freshener might be too costly for some households. Fortunately, there are many different types of air fresheners on the market that can help you get rid of your home’s unpleasant odors without costing you much money at all!

Air freshener

Some air fresheners that are sprayed directly onto the cat can be harmful when ingested because cats have sensitive skin. It is best to use a product specifically formulated for pets instead of spraying anything right on top of where they rest, sleep or play.

It is not recommended to spray air fresheners around or near your cat. Cats can be susceptible and get irritated quickly, especially when distracted by the smell of nice-smelling fragrance. In some cases, using an air freshener can even cause more problems than good if you're trying to cover up a foul odor from accidents in your home. It can be hard to find the source of an odor in your house. Sprays hide the smell for a bit, but it does not get rid of it.

For the air freshener to work, you need an absorbent surface and can hold onto the liquid. If you have an oil diffuser with water in it, pour out the water first or set up a fan nearby to have plenty of airflows and moisture. In addition, for ultimate freshness, make sure the room has been ventilated by opening windows at least 20 minutes before spraying any fragrance. It would help if you sprayed inside closets where odors accumulate over time due to lack of circulation or cat litter boxes without covers. This will be more effective than using vanilla-scented candles, which may not always mask strong smells entirely enough. Some people recommend putting baking soda on carpets or rugs first before spraying because this will neutralize odors.

Best air freshener for cats

There are several types, and one that you can try out is an oil-based air freshener with natural enzymes and essential oils such as lavender or vanilla extract. These ingredients help remove the odor effectively while also leaving your home smelling fresh.

Here are five great air fresheners for cats (non-affiliate links).

  1. Air Wick Pure
  2. Air Wick Stick Ups
  3. Febreze
  4. Hamilton Beach
  5. Citrus Magic

Let's look at some natural alternatives that aren't air fresheners in the following parts.

1. Essential oils

Some essential oils can be diffused around cats, but others are toxic. For example, the oil of pennyroyal is hazardous for both humans and animals because it contains chemicals that can cause liver damage or respiratory failure. The toxicity of other oils varies depending on each cat's age, medical conditions, type, and length of exposure to the specific oil. Cats' livers cannot metabolize certain compounds found in many types of plants such as eucalyptus, pine, and lavender; these compounds affect their red blood cells, causing them to rupture, leading to kidney injury.

Cats are sensitive to strong smells, so make sure you use mild oils when diffusing in the air. The most common types of essential oils for cat owners include lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. You should not diffuse these oils around cats: Citrus (orange, lemon) can cause photosensitivity in white cats, leading to skin burns.

2. Scented candles

Many people like using scented candles or incense sticks when they want a personal space freshener – especially during winter. The trouble is, using scented candles around cats can be dangerous. Again due to their liver toxicity, exposure of a cat to any scent diffuser containing essential oils or hydrocarbons burned into the air will cause damage to their red blood cells and kidneys, which could lead to anemia or even death.

3. Activated Charcoal

This natural ingredient absorbs smell better than the chemicals used in most air fresheners for pets, so it's best to use this one if you want something healthy for your cat or dog. Make sure that the brand uses coconut shells because other types don't work well enough!

4. Baking Soda

You can either get a small container of baking soda or just put some on an open dish around your house where there are pet odors (make sure not to leave any food out).

Make sure it's dry and not damp from being used in a recipe. Sprinkle it on your carpets or floors, then vacuum up the powder after an hour has passed for best results. Ensure no kids or pets are nearby as they could be harmed by direct contact with the powders. Keep them out of areas where chemicals have been applied until all residues have dried completely, which can take several hours depending upon humidity levels inside. It is usually safe to resume regular activities once that occurs. Still, people with lung problems should avoid areas where fragrance sprays have been released, especially if using essential oils, since these may cause respiratory distress.

5. Zeolite

It looks like sand but acts as an absorbent similar to activated charcoal - only much!

6. White vinegar

Some people recommend using white vinegar as it's nontoxic and cheap, but you may need more than one cup if your home smells like cats.

7. Bathing your cat

One thing you might not know is that there are some great natural ways to keep your house smelling fresh when you have a kitty around!

First off, the best way to keep your home smelling good with a feline friend is just like any other pet: Keep them groomed and clean! Bathing your cat on occasion will help remove strong odors before they become overbearing. You can also brush or comb their fur regularly, especially if it’s longer than usual (some breeds tend to be messier than others). If brushing doesn't do enough for odor control, consider using a deodorizing shampoo.


The best air freshener for cats is an important decision, and it can be hard to decide on just one. That's why we've compiled a list of the top five air fresheners, so you don't have to! We hope this article has helped you find your new favorite scent and keep your home smelling fresh and clean!