Best Wok for Glass Top Stove

Last updated Oct 10, 2021

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Asian and Asian-inspired food is becoming more popular every day. And with good reason! These foods are savory and satisfying beyond measure. It’s not a surprise more people in the world are learning to cook Asian recipes. If you’re one of them, you need to understand the requirements in cooking Asian foods, one of which is a wok. This is a large pan with high, sloping slides and a pair of handles. It is used to stir-fry food, which is a common process in Asian cuisines. Knowing this, you may already be looking for the best wok for your stove. Most results on the web offer you the best wok choices for range tops. But what if you have a glass top stove? Is there a wok compatible with its flat surface? You’re in luck! In this article, let’s look into some guidelines in choosing your wok along with some of the most recommended woks you can use for glass top stoves.

Choosing your Wok

Choosing your wok is not an easy process. There are different factors to consider aside from your stove. Granted, if you have a glass top stove, you will want a flat bottom wok. But if you already have a round bottom wok, you will need more equipment to keep the wok steady as you cook. Aside from its shape, here are other factors that will affect which wok is the best for your glass top stove.


Originally, woks have two metal handles to offer more support while cooking. Modern woks for flat surfaces, on the other hand, have one wooden handle that helps you move and tilt the wok as you stir-fry food. Depending on your stove and preference, you can choose to have one long handle for your flat-bottom wok or two handles that will offer you support while carrying the wok.


In terms of size, you need to consider the size of your stove. Make sure that the wok is compatible with the glass top. It shouldn’t be too small and certainly should not be too big. You also need to consider the depth of the wok. Shallower woks can hold less food. These are ideal for cooking food for 2 to 3 people only. But if you plan on cooking more, having a deeper wok is ideal to avoid spillage.


The next factor to consider when buying a wok is the material. According to experts, the most traditional material used in making woks is carbon steel. It allows the wok to heat up quickly and evenly. Plus, it becomes non-stick over time. The downside of using carbon steel woks is the maintenance it needs. These need to be seasoned before use, and they require a special cleaning strategy, unlike other woks. Carbon steel woks are also known to flavor the food, which means that it is adequately seasoned.

The next material used in creating works is cast iron. This requires more time to heat, but it retains heat well. These woks also offer a better non-stick surface. And just like the carbon steel, the cast iron becomes non-stick woks with proper care. The downside to using cast iron is it can be too thin, and it puts your food at risk of getting burned. These woks are also heavy, making them difficult to move or tilt when you’re cooking.

Whatever you do, do not choose stainless steel woks as these are extremely heavy and are very difficult to maneuver. Some stainless-steel woks may even be damaging to your glass stovetop because of its size and weight. Another reason why experts do not recommend woks is that food tends to stick to steel. Your food may lose its form, or the important ingredients of your food could stick to the bottom of the wok.

You also need to avoid buying non-stick woks as much as possible. Most non-stick woks cannot withstand the heat you need when you stir-fry. Instead of keeping the flavor in and balancing the heat, your food may start to vaporize. Plus, it can be tough to cook your food to a clean, medium brown. Without much care, you could end up burning or overcooking your food.

Most recommended woks for glass stovetops

If you have a glass stovetop, flat-bottomed woks are ideal for you. These can ensure that the base of your pan remains in contact with the heat source, allowing an even heat distribution. However, not every flat-bottomed woks are ideal for glass stovetops. In this section, let’s take a look at the best wok for electric and gas stoves. Professionals chose these woks because they allow flexibility and motion while cooking. These are easy to hold, making it easier for you to tilt. Plus, they can enhance the quality of your food as they ensure that the ingredients and nutrients are fully invested in the meal and not at the bottom of the pan.

Joyce Chen Flat Bottom Wok

This is a huge capacity wok, made from 2mm-thick carbon steel. Its metal allows an even heat distribution, making it a great choice for cooking all kinds of food. The best part is, the Joyce Chen Flat Bottom Wok is known to resist heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Its handles can assist you to move and tilt the wok safely and effectively, making it easier to cook your favorite foods.

When cleaning this wok, make sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer as these require special treatment. These should be washed and appropriately seasoned after every use to maintain their quality and improve their non-stick capacity.

Lodge Pro-Logic Wok With Flat Base and Loop Handles

The next brand of wok you need to consider is the Lodge Pro-Logic Wok with Flat Base and Loop Handles. This product is known for its durability and flexibility, which are two of the most important characteristics of cookware.

The Lodge Pro-Logic Wok with Flat Base and Loop Handles is made of cast iron, making it durable and secure. Professional chefs love this wok because it can withstand the highest cooking temperatures during rapid cooking sessions. This is why you can see these designs in restaurant kitchens where they need to cook food quickly but surely. The best part is, this wok is ideal for any kind of stove, be it a glass top or gas range. So, if you have multiple stoves, this wok is the best for you.

Helen’s Asian Kitchen 97004 Wok, Carbon Steel and Bamboo

The third on the list is another flat bottom wok that is made from conventional carbon steel. This has a heat-safe dual-handle made from bamboo, so you can easily tilt and move your wok while cooking. Just a quick tip in maintaining Helen’s Asian Kitchen 97004 Wok, always make sure to season it after using it for the first time. Follow the directions of the manufacturer so you can maintain your wok’s quality.

Joyce Chen 22-9938, Pro Chef 14 Inch 10 Piece Excalibur Non-Stick Wok Set

This is another fantastic selection that you can add to your wok collection. Professionals recommend it for beginners because of its high durability and flexibility. One of the common mistakes that beginners make when using woks for the first time is using metal ruggedly when stirring food. This can damage the surface of the pan. To allow practice, the Joyce Chen 22-9938 is ideal because you can use metal utensils for stirring without damaging its Excalibur coating.

Souped Up Recipes Carbon Steel Wok for Electric Stoves

If you’re looking for a smaller wok for your stove, then the Souped-Up Recipes Carbon Steel Wok is the best for you. This wok is smaller compared to the others, with a diameter of 12.5. Still, this product is commended for its performance and efficiency in cooking food nicely. It is also lightweight but durable, allowing you to move and tilt it with ease. The only thing you need to do to maintain this pan is to season it before cooking.

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 12-Inch Flat-Bottom Wok

According to experts, this is the most durable and long-lasting wok of all time. Instead of the traditional carbon steel structure, this wok is made from anodized aluminum, which acts as a great conductor for any stove. The Cephalon wok is also known for having stainless-steel handles that remain cool even when you’re cooking at high heat. Although this wok is smaller than others, it has a noninvasive coating, making it easier and convenient to cook food even without a timer.

T-fal A80789 Specialty Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe PFOA-Free Jumbo Wok Cookware

If you plan on cooking family-size foods, this wok is the best for you. This wok is made from aluminum, which offers increased conduction and distribution, allowing you to cook large amounts of food evenly. Aside from that, this is also known for its compatibility with dishwashers and ovens, an unlikely trait of most woks. It offers flexibility and convenience, and it definitely gives value to your money.

There you have it. These are only some of the guidelines you need to know in buying the best wok for glass top stoves. Remember to pick flat-bottom woks to match your cooktop. Plus, make sure that the wok offers the ease and flexibility you need to make cooking more convenient and to ensure the integrity of your food. Happy cooking!