Best Trimmer Line for Edging

Last updated Oct 10, 2021

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When people think about lawn maintenance, one of the most common equipment that comes to mind is lawnmowers, leaf rakes, shovels, and garden shears. Many forget about the importance of line trimmers. These tools are important because they can cut grass that lawnmowers cannot reach. String or line trimmers are ideal for edging and removing light bush as well as dense grass turfs that need maintenance. These can even be used to trim grasses and weeds near pavements and driveways, making your home more presentable.

With that said, you may already be looking for the best trimmer line for edging or removing bushes. You’re in luck! In this article, let’s look at some of the best trimmer lines you can use to maintain your lawn. But first, you need to know about the types of trimmer lines so you can have a better understanding on what your lawn needs.

Types of Trimmer Lines

Most trimmer lines depend on their string shape, which affects their cutting ability and efficiency. So, here are five of the most common shapes that you need to know:


Round-shaped trimmer lines are the standard tools that are the best for residential areas. These are ideal for everyday use, as they can help you accomplish minimal landscape activities. These are also easier to replace compared to other shapes because most hardware stores offer this trimmer line. However, there’s a downside to using round trimmers. They can only be used for light landscapes, and it could work poorly in heavy-duty yard works.


Square-shaped trimmer line has a higher level of efficiency and durability compared to round-shaped trimmer lines. This type of equipment is sturdier, and it can cut through denser grass or bushes. It is ideal for medium to heavy yard activities.


Twisted trimmer lines are the third most efficient type. It offers more strength and power to cut through denser weeds and thicker weeds. These also have less vibration, making operations quieter and more peaceful. These tools are more long-lasting and durable. Even if they hit stones, pebbles, or rocks, they are less likely to break compared to the two mentioned above.


Next, multi-sided trimmer lines are one of the sharpest tools you can use to maintain your garden. It can cut through dense weeds and thick grass turfs at any angle you use them. This makes it easier and faster to maintain your lawn.


Last but not least type of trimmer line is the serrated trimmer line. According to experts, these tools act like teeth when used to trim weeds, grasses, and vines. They have the most power and efficiency in lawn maintenance, making them ideal tools for heavy-duty lawn activities.

Aside from the shape of the trimmer line, you also need to consider its material. Basically, there are three common materials used to create these tools—plastic, nylon, and titanium.

Out of the three, it’s no surprise that plastic strings are the cheapest option. They only work well for lightweight lawn activities for residential areas. Nylon trimmers, on the other hand, or more durable and more efficient, allowing them to perform well in medium-level activities. The ultimate material used to create trimmer lines is titanium, the most robust, long-lasting, and durable material. These strings have faster acceleration, less fuel consumption, lower noise emission. But you also need to expect that titanium trimmer lines come with a higher price tag.

Now that we know the main types of line trimmers and their materials, let’s look at the best products that lawn professionals recommend.

Best Trimmer Line for Edging

With the best trimmer lines, landscaping and lawn maintenance becomes more convenient. It can save you time. Plus, you will become more efficient in edging and trimming. So, without further ado, here are some of the recommended equipment to use. Which do you think is the best trimmer line for edging?

Oregon 22-895 Gatorline Trimmer Line

A square trimmer line, this equipment has a very high cutting efficiency. It is the top favorite trimmer line because it cuts through all grass types. It can also fit other trimmer brands and models, including straight and curved units to make sure the equipment is suited for your lawn.

The Oregon 22-895 is also highly flexible and durable, thanks to its dual-core protection and breakage resistance. According to users, the aramid fiber reinforcement of this equipment is its best feature, making the string more robust in cutting through overgrown turfs.

Cyclone Commercial Grade Grass Trimmer Line

This 300-feet long, 0.065-inch diameter trimmer is the best trimmer line for edging, according to some professionals. This has a patented six-blade shape technology that grants users more cutting power. The Cyclone Commercial Grade Grass Trimmer Line is also known for its durability because it’s made of robust materials that ensure longer service life. Matched with its unique copolymer nylon formation, this equipment offers a long-lasting cutting precision that entices lawncare professionals and novices to buy the product.

Rotary Item 12179 Vortex Trimmer Line

This is one of the most recommended trimmer lines because of its durability and efficiency. According to reviews, this trimmer line can cut through overgrown yards as if it’s nothing. It allows you to trim with ease no matter the height of the grass or its type.

The Rotary Trimmer Line is known for its shape, which is more aerodynamic than others. Its slight twist helps reduce turbulence, making this tool almost indestructible. Combined with its 0.095-inch diameter blade, this trimmer line can help you maintain heavy-duty landscapes with ease.

Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line

Another trimmer line that is recommended by experts is the Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line. According to them, this trimmer line offers durability and efficiency. Plus, this trimmer line has a low-noise emission, reducing noise pollution in your environment.

According to its reviews, the Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line has a thicker and more robust string, making it durable and long-lasting. Its nylon material also features a copolymer technology that allows it to cut through thick weeds and grasses. With its multi-edge design, it can slice through grasses at any angle, making lawn maintenance faster, saving you both time and gas.

The Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line is also known for being lightweight, which contributes to its reduced sound output. According to users, its string reduces 50% of noise output to reduce disturbance in the neighborhood.

But the most amazing trait that lawn experts came to love about the Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line is its fast acceleration. This ensures an even cutting output, making your lawn more presentable. It will be like a professional service provider maintains your lawn.

Benair AF-100 String Trimmer Replacement

The next best trimmer line that you can purchase is the Benair AF-100 String Trimmer Replacement. This tool is efficient, reliable, and affordable. With a 0.065-inch diameter blade, this tool works well in maintaining light landscapes. According to reviews, the Benair AF-100 String Trimmer Replacement allows you to cut through grass and weed without much resistance, making it more effortless to maintain your lawn.

But the best trait that professionals came to love is its auto-feed design, which ensures the quick and straightforward reload of the trimmer. It is known to have an insert-and-rotate replacement process, making it faster and easier to accomplish lawn maintenance goals.

Cyclone Desert Extrusion B0002YVU12 Commercial Trimmer Line

According to many professionals, one of the best trimmer lines for edging is the Cyclone Desert Extrusion B0002YVU12 Commercial Trimmer Line. This tool offers a copolymer formulation that enhances its strength and corrosion resistance. Its signature six-blade shape maximizes its cutting power for all kinds of weeds, grasses, vines, and many more. It can move steadily throughout your lawn, making it easier for you to trim and maintain.

However, reviews say that the power of the Cyclone Desert Extrusion B0002YVU12 Commercial Trimmer Line can be difficult to control at first. It takes practice before one can estimate and control its strength. But once you are accustomed to its power, you can experience hassle-free lawn maintenance.

Arnold Maxi Edge B0000CBI6B Commercial Trimmer

The last but not the least of the most recommended trimmer lines for edging is the Arnold Maxi Edge B0000CBI6B Commercial Trimmer. This tool is known for having a star-shaped design, which offers additional pressure and boosting its cutting power. Professionals love this tool because it can cut through dense weeds and grasses effortlessly, making lawn maintenance easy and convenient. Most of all, this tool is very affordable, and it is compatible with all standard string trimmers. So, if you doubt which trimmer line fits your equipment, try the Arnold Maxi Edge B0000CBI6B Commercial Trimmer. Not only will it grant you ease and comfort but also efficiency in lawn maintenance.

There you have it. These are seven of the best trimmer lines you can use for edging and lawn maintenance. Remember, before you purchase one, make sure that you understand what your lawn needs. This way, you can make sure that the line trimmer is ideal for the density and height of the grasses, weeds, and vines present on your lawn. When in doubt, you can always seek help from lawn maintenance experts and ask them about the best tools you can use to maintain your lawn.